Abaqus and High-Performance Computing Workshop

A SIMULIA workshop

Learn first hand about High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters to run large Abaqus models.  Bring in your own models and see how well it scales as the number of CPU’s increase.  Lunch will be provided.

Level:  Informative
Dates:  August 20, 2015
Venue:  Device Analytics Conference Room
Location:  1902 Wright Pl, Suite 200, Carlsbad 92008
Time:  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Fee:  $0
Prerequisites:  Familiarity with Abaqus and general linux commands

  • Introduction to Abaqus and HPC  (Ed Rezler, Device Analytics)
  • Computing strategies for on-premise and cloud.
  • Review the latest hardware advancements in HPC.
  • Lunch
  • HPC architectures based on CPU’s, GPU’s or both?
  • Review of queueing systems and why you should use them.
  • What to expect when aaintaining an HPC cluster.
  • Run live multiple benchmarks and determine scaling vs cpu-cores.
  • Wrap-up and Q&A
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