SIMULIA Software Portfolio

SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for realistic simulation, offers a portfolio of solutions to help product development and engineering organization achieve its technical and business objectives. Products range from the Unified Finite Element Analysis solution to an automated simulation process engine to streamline the engineering and design flow. SIMULIA Abaqus also provides an upgrade path for Abaqus for Solidworks Simulation Users who encounter advanced nonlinear applications commonly found in Life Sciences and Manufacturing.


SIMULIA Abaqus is a virtual prototyping solution based on the Implicit and Explicit Finite Element Analysis simulation technology. The solvers are commonly used to help develop competitive products at lower costs and to simulate real world nonlinear applications found in the lifescience, consumer products, electronics and many other industries.


SIMULIA Isight expands the benefits of simulation by incorporating process flow modeling and optimization into product development.  Isight is solver agnostic and can integrate with existing in-house programs, third party solutions and many CAD systems.  A few benefits of Isight include simulation automation and process integration & design optimization (PIDO).


SIMULIA Tosca optimizes CAD geometry based on nonparametric solutions.  A non-parametric approach allows for an unbounded optimization solution for structures ensuring greater effectiveness in achieving design goals.

Nitinol Stent

SIMULIA fe-safe

SIMULIA fe-safe accurately predicts lifespan of products under realistic conditions and nonlinear materials.  Improve product durability while limiting physical testing prototypes.

SIMULIA Licensing Options

See the SIMULIA Portfolio software options page for more information including a comparison.

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