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We offer CFD consulting services to help you achieve your business and engineering goals of fluid applications. CFD has become an indispensable simulation tool to analyze complex thermal and fluid phenomena. CFD solvers are commonly used to reduce development costs, optimize product performance and efficiency—and overcome the limits of product development.

With the power to visualize the complicated movement of a gas or liquid flow, or analyze fluid behavior in areas such as aerodynamics, heat transfer, hydrodynamics, and micro-fluidics,  CFD provides a powerful model to simulate fluid flow and predict performance of products before physical testing.

CFD Capabilities

We use a variety of CFD solvers depending on the application and goals of the project. Our main CFD solver of choice is XFlow from SIMULIA, a division of Dassault Systemes.  The key capabilities of Xflow include:

  • High Fidelity Particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann solver
  • Single and Multiphase flow models
  • Free surface and Large Eddy turbulence models
  • Non-Newtonian flow
  • Rigid Body Dynamics of moving parts or coupled with Simpack from Dassault Systemes
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) coupled with Abaqus for detailed stress analysis

Aerospace & Defense

  • Drag and lift analysis flow
  • Pressure and skin friction load distribution
  • Deployment of moving components such as flap positioning
  • Turbulent and supersonic flow
Jet CFD Wake
Turbulent simulation using XFlow
3D CFD Single Phase XFlow Simulation Example
Airflow around an industrial component using XFlow

Industrial Equipment

  • Internal moving parts including actuators and pumps
  • Simulate mixing of multiple fluids and particles
  • Passive and Active Electronic Cooling
  • Simulate lubricants including other non-Newtonian viscous liquids

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