Decades of Experience Simulating Complex Applications using FEA

With a goal of providing effective analysis to impact your design versus costly physical prototyping, our product engineering team works with clients in many capacities—and across various industries. Our extensive background in engineering analysis can help you at the conceptual stage while requirements are being finalized, or to help validate, optimize and fast-track designs reaching a final state.  Our analysts—experts of 3D CAD systems (e.g., CATIA and SolidWorks)—are here to optimize designs and support design teams. We are flexible, and have only one goal in mind: Your Success.

Using Abaqus as our primary FEA solver for mechanical and thermal projects, we work directly with your existing CAD data and can optimize the topology to meet design objectives. Our compute cluster enables our simulations to achieve the highest degree of accuracy required to meet project goals and budgets. Some of our analysis capabilities are shown below.

Area of Expertise

  • Composite material analysis of aircraft components
  • Impact and drop test survivability predictions
  • Electromagnetic design of antennas
  • Signal and power integrity of PCB’s
  • Biomedical devices and implants involving advanced materials including Nitinol
  • Passive and active cooling of electronics

How can we help support you?

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