Driving the Future of Electric Mobility

Shaping the future of electric mobility is creating the vehicles of tomorrow—where driverless, connected cars and smart cities are ushering an entire generation of vehicles that offer new automotive experiences and travel possibilities. Bringing these cars to market requires that car manufacturers look at new applications to integrate engineering disciplines that evaluate performance and experience on a new level. We are here to help solve the unique challenges of integrating new technologies with the need to improve efficiency with best-in-class modeling and optimization tools that result in accurate and cost-effective design, analysis, and optimization of electric vehicles in a multidisciplinary structure.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Thermal and mechanical assessment of batteries from high power densities to collisions
  • Electric drivetrain assessment in NVH
  • Power electronics and thermal management
  • Sensor design including capacitance touchscreens and proximity
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication for safety and guidance
  • Electronics and wire harness routing
  • Stationary and in-motion wireless charging
  • Multi-band antennas design and placements



Electric Drive Engineering

Optimize designs and evaluate challenges surrounding the effects of noise and vibrations, thermal management of heat dissipated by high rotation speeds and electromagnetics losses, etc.

Power Electronics Engineering

Address thermal management and electromagnetic compliance manage while achieving high product reliability, safety and performance standards.

Battery Engineering

We help companies throughout every step of the car battery engineering process and help to strategize on lower battery costs without compromising safety or performance.

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