Backbone of the Modern Economy

From electric drills to dirt moving tractors, today’s industrial equipment combines advanced materials, data science, and new manufacturing technologies that are opening the door for unlimited possibilities. As a result of advancements in the design and manufacturing of products, cost-efficiencies can be built into the entire product life cycle. And by using accurate, high-fidelity virtual prototypes, product behavior with other systems can be predicted – reducing costly resources. Equipped with the experience to advance manufacturing techniques and lower costs, our engineering team is here to support improved workflows and the products of tomorrow.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Development of high-performance machinery
  • Optimize industrial robots (weight, motion, and sizing)
  • Structural integrity of structures and fabrication dies
  • Fluid dynamics of liquid transport equipment
  • Solve 3D additive manufacturing problems of large metallic structures



Machinery Design & Analysis

Build functional virtual prototypes of machinery components and systems early in the design cycle, so you can perform a series of virtual tests and analysis before committing to physical prototypes.

Automation and Robotics

With increasing needs for flexibility and streamlined operations, manufactures are exploring the use of robotics to automate production with the flexibility of adaptable machines.

Product Design and Validation

Validating design is essential as it addresses if the product at hand meets the users and business needs and delivers to quality standards.

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