Designing Electronic Devices from Component to the System Level

Antenna design and signal integrity play a large role in the Internet of Things (IoT) for designing wireless connectivity on nearly any device or product. Design challenges associated with the IoT include providing reliable connectivity and acceptable performance. Many devices will function in an increasingly crowded radio spectrum with the possibility of co-site interference, operation near the human body, or other challenging environments—where antenna design and placement can be critical.

We use advanced simulation software technologies that address engineering challenges with tomorrow’s devices—ranging from wearable consumer devices, medical implants, and connected cars to industrial turbines—that provide customers with cost-effective solutions.

Area of Expertise

  • Antenna gain, aperture, impedance matching, directivity, and bandwidth
  • Microstrip, wire, helical and patch antenna types
  • Antenna coupling and placement simulation
  • Finite and Infinite array
  • Impedance and Cross-talk Scanning of PCBs and packages
  • Signal and power integrity of single and multi-layer boards

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