Ensure Structural Integrity, Durability and Damage Tolerance

One of the most challenging tasks of the design and development process is prediction of failure over time, which is why it’s crucial to validate structure and design durability to reduce warranty or safty issues, and ensure long-term product success. However, to perform physical product testing covering all failure scenarios is costly and inefficient.

With experience spanning many industries including aerospace, electronics and industrial equipment, Device Analytics can support you with failure and durability analysis from finite element models that will define how a structure might fail, so you can improve performance and safety. This enables the quick and accurate prediction of how long products will last under any combination of time or frequency-dependent loading conditions including effects of high temperatures and assembly or manufacture stresses.

Area of Expertise

  • High-cycle and Low-cycle Stress-Life fatigue
  • Multiaxial fatigue of metals with plasticity
  • Durability & damage tolerance, progressive failure and reliability of composites
  • Factor of Strength (FOS) and Probability of Survival calculations
  • Vibration fatigue using random loading
  • Crack propagation to failure

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