Dassault Systèmes offers an advanced FEA solver for the SOLIDWORKS users who encounter challenging nonlinear applications which exceed the intended use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The SIMULIA portfolio, which is Dassault Systèmes brand for realistic simulation, includes solvers such as Abaqus Standard, Explicit & CFD for simulating a range of real world applications.

Benefits of SIMULIA Abaqus

  • The SOLIDWORKS Associative Interface for Abaqus module allows SOLIDWORKS users to update FE model definitions in Abaqus including meshes and boundary conditions when changes to the CAD design occur
  • Advanced features including robust contact, accurate & stable nonlinear material model.
  • Advanced nonlinear multi-physics FEA solver incorporating fluid, thermal and structural domains
  • Support of multi-cpu/gpu’s for high-performance computing of large models or when higher throughput is desired
  • Advanced topology optimziation through TOSCA
  • Robust composite damage, failure and crack growth prediction capabilities
  • Reliable fatique life estimates based on FE-SAFE

Take the next step with Abaqus

Contact us through our form, email us at, or call us at (760) 635-0047 to discuss if Abaqus is right for your applicaton.

We offer FEA benchmarking services to correlate simulation data with your measured data. We can arrange a free trial of Abaqus and support you during the evaluation period.

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