Devices for a Connected World

With the proliferation of innovative consumer products, it’s easy to understand the growing complexity and challenging environment to get consumer products ready for market. From safety issues and consumer concerns to regulatory compliance and factory limitations, partnering with experts to navigate the entire product life cycle– from initial concept to manufacturing—is critical. Understanding electronic devices from the component to the system level through simulation is our core strength, and utilizing advanced simulation software technologies to reach cost-effective solutions and design superior products is what we do best.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Drop test survivability and reliability
  • Thermal stress of components
  • Antenna design and placement simulation
  • Signal and power integrity of PCB’s
  • Wearable device performance and safety
  • Support communication protocols including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM
  • Flexible electronics



Wireless System Design

The rapidly changing field of wireless communications is evolving – and with that comes placing different demands on antenna designs and systems while balancing market expectations with technology.

Signal Integrity

With electromagnetic simulation software, we can predict signal integrity and power integrity problems, so you can ensure optimal system performance prior to a costly physical prototype.

Drop Test Reliability

It’s increasingly important to determine drop and vibration test reliability for portable consumer electronics. Device Analytics can conduct these tests via simulation software.

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