Abaqus Tokens & CPU's

Abaqus, a leading FEA software used by multiple industries and consultants, is licensed through tokens.  Tokens can be used to access both the Standard and the Explicit solver.  These solvers have no element or node limits other than the bounds of your computer hardware.  For large and time consuming FEA models, the computational throughput generally improves with multiple CPU’s or multiple CPU-core’s.  A minimum of 5 analysis tokens is required to run a model on a single CPU-core.  Increasing the CPU-cores can reduce the computational time but the job will need more tokens. The Abaqus Token Calculator (or the Abaqus license calculator) on the right will determine how many tokens are required.

Abaqus Tokens & GPU's

GPU (also referred to as a GPGPU in order to distinguish it from a graphic-purpose GPU) behaves as a co-processor to a CPU.  Therefore, the GPU requires the use of at least one core per CPU socket.  To determine the tokens required for Abaqus utilizing a GPU, count the number of desired CPU cores and then include the GPU as a single core.

As an illustration, to run Abaqus Standard on a single-GPU, the total number of tokens is 6 which is equivalent to running on 2 CPU-cores.  See below for an example:


Minimum GPU requirement is CUDA Compute Version 3.0 or higher.

Abaqus Token Calculator

The number of tokens required to run Abaqus on N CPU’s or cores is provided by: INT(5 X N^0.422).

Enter the number of desired cores in the form below and the number of tokens will be returned:

Benefits of Abaqus with GPU Computing

GPU’s have revolutionized high-performance computing (HPC) for Abaqus simulations.  A significant economic advantage of GPU computing for Abaqus is that a single GPU, which contains hundreds or thousands of CUDA cores,  will consume one token while a CPU with only a few cores will each consume a token. With fewer tokens required to achieve similar simulation throughput, the overall cost is reduced.  For more information including the benefits of GPU computing, visit Abaqus performance on Nvidia GPU’s.

Need Abaqus Tokens?

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