Innovating Designs Through Realistic Simulations

A SIMULIA seminar

This seminar will highlight best practices for leveraging robust solutions from SIMULIA including the Unified FEA Abaqus solver and Isight for process automation and design exploration.

Level:  Informative
Dates:  May 30, 2013
Venue:  The Crossings at Carlsbad
Location:  Carlsbad, CA
Time:  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Fee:  $0
Prerequisites:  Familiarity with FEA software is recommended

  • Overview of SIMULIA Solutions: Abaqus & Isight  (Ed Rezler, Managing Director, Device Analytics)
  • Abaqus & CAE Demonstrations of Select Applications Incorporating Nonlinear Materials with Contact (Daniel Oskam, Simulation Engineer, Device Analytics)
  • Lunch
  • Introduction to Abaqus CFD and a Coupled CFD/Structural Butterfly Valve Demonstration  (Daniel Oskam, Simulation Engineer, Device Analytics)
  • Process Integration & Optimization Techniques With Abaqus and Other Well-Known Applications (Dr. Peter Wang, Technical Specialist, SIMULIA)
  • Wrap-up and Q&A
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