Installing Abaqus 2016 on Windows

The installation process of Abaqus now includes the other SIMULIA products by Dassault Systemes which includes fe-safe, TOSCA & iSight.  The following steps will guide through the process of installing Abaqus 2016 on a Windows system.  The standard Abaqus license is networked but this tutorial assumes the license server is installed on the same machine as Abaqus.  The general process of installing Abaqus is divided into three parts:

  • Install the user documentation
  • Install the license manager (FlexNet or DSLS)
  • Install the software services (Abaqus, iSight, TOSCA, etc.)

Download the Abaqus Media Files

These instructions begin having downloaded the individual packages from the email sent to you by Dassault Systemes.  The email will have been sent by with the subject beginning with Media Order.  The link in the email will direct you to the website and you will need to login with your Passport account.  For Abaqus 2016, you should see the following files once downloaded to your local hard drive:



Unpack Installation Files

The installation media can be unpacked and extracted with a utilty such as 7-zip utility.  With the 7-zip utility installed, right-click on each tar file (the order does not matter) and choose the 7-Zip->Extract Here option.  Repeat the step for the remaining tar files and you should see two top level directories:


With the software installations files unpacked and assembled in their respective directories, the installation process can now begin.

Install the User Documentation

It is recommeded to first install the documentation before installing the software.  Follow these steps:

  • Enter the AM_DOC_SIM_EstPrd.AllOS\1\DOC_SIMULIA_Abaqus_fe-safe\1\Abaqus_2016folder
  • right-click on setup.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Once in the installation menu, select Next several times until you see Select Type of Installation. Select HTML and PDF (recommended) and press Next.
  • Enter the hostname as localhost, hostname or the IP address.
  • For the Web server installation, choose the default Abaqus web server (recommended)and press Next.
  • Enter the installation direcotry and complete the installation.

Install the FlexNet License Manager

There are two options for the license manager: FlexNet and DSLS.  The more common license manager is FlexNet which uses the computer MAC for the computer identifier.  If you have an installed CATIA base, you may already be familiar with DSLS.  Before installing the license manager, find out which license type you have when receivng the license file.  To install FlexNet, follow these steps:

  • Enter the AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\1\SIMULIA_FLEXNet\Windows64\1 folder
  • right-click on setup.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Select Next to accept default of starting the license server after installation.
  • Enter the installation direcotry and press Next
  • Enter the path to the temporary license file location and complete the installation.  Note that a valid license file is required to complete the installation.

Install Components: Abaqus Solvers, API’s & CAE

Each software component will need to be installed individually.  This allows flexability for an organziation that wishes to seperate solvers from the user interfaces.  The installation of each component is similiar. We first install the Abaqus Solvers:

  • Enter the AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\1\3DEXPERIENCE_AbaqusSolver\Windows64\1folder
  • right-click on setup.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Select all components

Install the Abaqus API’s:

  • Enter or accept the AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\1\CAA_3DEXPERIENCE_AbaqusSolver\Windows64\1 folder
  • Select all components

Now install Abaqus CAE (the GUI):

  • Enter the AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\1\SIMULIA_Abaqus_CAE\Windows64\1 folder
  • right-click on setup.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Enter the directory of the solvers
  • Enter the FlexNet licensing information
  • Confirm or modify the documentation location

General Comments on Installing Abaqus

Things to keep in mind during the installation process:

  • Important to run as administrator
  • Firewalls need to be trained and allow the executables to run.
  • If the installation media is on a network drive, it’s recommended to copy the media to the local computer.

Additional Resources

If you have a different installation scenerio which is not covered by this guide and need help, please call us at (760) 635-0047 or send us an email at

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