Simpleware for 3D Image Data Visualization, Analysis & Meshing

Simpleware provides the industry-leading 3D image processing platform for handling 3D scan data—and enables the visualization, analysis and meshing of 3D scan data (MRI, Micro-CT, CT, etc.). This comprehensive solution converts 3D image data into highly accurate computational models used for CAD, FEA, CFD and 3D Printing. Simpleware is commonly used in applications found in the field of Life Sciences, which include reconstructing complex anatomical structures, validating medical devices against patient data and modeling fluid flow through the human body.

3D Image to Mesh

Many software tools exist to convert 3D images from various formats (including micro-CT, CT, MRI & FIB-SEM) to meshes used in computational analysis. However, these tools are typically disjointed and difficult to use, resulting in additional steps of converting image data into models adding unnecessary effort and complexities. Simpleware was developed for the computational FEA & CFD user community to convert scans or any 3D stacked image to a ready-to-use mesh.


  • Easily segment data from 3D image datasets (e.g., micro-CT, CT, MRI and FIB-SEM) and export high quality STL, FEA & CFD meshes into any commercial simulation software).
  • Mesh multiple materials with “water tight” or a congruent mesh across boundaries.
  • Automate complex and time consuming tasks with modern scripting languages.
  • Compare and quantify idealized as-intended CAD designs with as-manufactured scanned parts.
  • Complements simulation workflows involving Abaqus and Microwave Studio
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